Thursday, July 17, 2008

If You Don't Like It, You Can Shove It. But You Don't Like it, You Love it.

So, if you've known me personally for a few years, you know that I LOVE Weezer. I have every one of their CD's and even some hard to find ones. If I can count on my fingers correctly, I believe the Red Album is their sixth major cd release. I bought the CD when it first came out, but really didn't get to listening to it until I took a trip to a Scrapbook store in Anthem, sans kiddies. I was able to roll the windows down and blast my speakers with Rivers Cuomo coming in loud and clear. I must say, my favorite song at the moment is, "I'm the Greatest the Man that Ever Lived." It's where the title of the blog came from. The song has so many fun elements to it; it's classic Weezer, but something they've not quite done before. The beginning is piano keys playing "Simple Gifts," an old Shaker song, and then they go into sounding like Kotton Mouth and thirty seconds later they sound like Queen. I love it. "Pork and Beans" was the first major release off the album and an instant YouTube sensation, mainly due to the fact that famous YouTube personalities and celebrities were featured in the music video. I love the song, and it's pretty fun to play on guitar, too. "The Troublemaker," first track on the record, is very reminiscent of the more poppy tunes of the Green album as well as "Dreamin'" but it has a bit more of the harder bass and distortion we heard in the Blue Album and Pinkerton. I love both tracks. Brian Bell who is usually only a guitarist and back-up vocals takes the lead vocal helm for three tracks. Not so sure about those ones... Right in form, there are only ten main tracks on this album and the final song, "The Angel and the One," is a traditional weezer ballad, that reminds me of the Blue Album's, "Only in Dreams."

All in all, I love the album. I'll have it as my playlist here until next Friday, so feel free to listen to some of the tunes I talked about. Have a great day!

For a little creativity today, I recently acquired an ATG (aka, Monster of a Tape Runner), and it seems to be on trend that everyone alters theirs. Usually I'm one to let it go, but this thing was so fugly when I bought it, I couldn't help but alter it. The photo I took of the other side stinks, and I'm too lazy to retake it. Plus I'm thinkin' it needs something more...

Have a Great Day!!!

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Dedra Long said...

That it super cute....VERY creative girl!!!

Hope you have a good weekend!!


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