Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

Howdy there, boys and girls! This year I'm participating in something called the
Sketchbook Project through the Brooklyn Art House. In short, you pay a fee and get sent a moleskine journal (and NO it's not, mole skin, like the little animal... sheesh people) with a theme that you pick or have randomly picked. You basically let your mind wander and fill the sketchbook to your heART's content by the designated deadline and send it back to Brooklyn. After that it goes on a magical journey all over the country with hundreds, if not thousands, of other sketchbooks to other museums. People from everywhere and anywhere can pick up YOUR sketchbook and see your creations. I think it's pretty exciting.
I think I mentioned before how much of a twitter addict I am. Well, I've compiled a twitter list of other sketchbook project artists I've found on twitter and it's now at over 100 people. It's so much fun to scroll through everyone's tweets and see what they're up to and the progress they've made on their sketchbook. So, I would LOVE to have you on the list if you're participating! If you haven't already (because, really you should) join twitter. Then find me by clicking on the link in the side bar or search for PlainSaraJane22. You can either follow me and DM (direct message) me or just "reply" to me using @PlainSaraJane22 in your twitter message and let me know you're part of the sketchbook project. You can also "subscribe" to the list and that will prompt me to message you! Make sense? No? Leave a comment and I'll try to help!
So, without further ado, here are my first few pages. Let me preface this with saying, I AM NOT AN "artist." I have never taken an "art" class since high school, other than art history in college. I can't draw. I have wretched handwriting. I can doodle and draw stick figures. I put glitter and buttons on things.
Oh, one more thing, the official theme of my sketchbook is, "Things Found on Restaurant Napkins." I've always enjoyed short stories. I prefer a good book of short stories over a full novel. (Try Aimee Bender's "Girl in the Flammable Skirt") Hmmm... maybe I am ADD. Anyways, I decided since I'm not so good at the "sketching" part of the book, maybe I would focus on writing a bit more. So for each spread, I'm adhering a real paper napkin to one side of the book and decorating it. The other side will be dedicated to telling the story of the person who decorated the napkin on the opposite side. Again, am I making any sense? I hope so! Also, the PDF's are just files that have the journaling at a more easy to read size and font and supplies I used. Please be patient for it to load. Alright... alright...

Inside Cover

First Pages

Story of Steven PDF

Second Spread

So that's about it! Let me know if you have any questions. I'm hoping to start on the next spread tonight. And just to have fun and share, here are a couple other non-sketchbook project pages I've done in my personal sketchbook... Have a great weekend! Come back and visit real soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Nope, it's not Christmas time... it's time to go back to school! I can't believe Emma is now in kindergarten and I'm joining the PTA! Halle is still attending preschool and no longer has her big sister to ride with her on the bus. And I think I was almost as excited as them to get their school supplies! I love school supplies!

So what am I doing now that they're back in school? Sitting on my butt and eating bon-bons of course! I'm actually just getting back into the groove and getting my chores done in peace. Have you ever tried to wash dishes or fold laundry with toddlers around? You get interrupted about every five minutes. And I can actually shower with the bathroom door closed and keep all of that lovely steam inside.

What else have I been doing? Well, I'm totally addicted to twitter. And I mean, really addicted. I've met some really super people that I'm going to add into the side bar over there later today. And you'll hear more about them tomorrow (if all goes well). I've also been working on my photography website and it is now officially located at . Take a look! If you're in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and need some photos taken, hit me up! Mention the blog and get a killer discount, too. And with a new photography website comes...

New Business Cards!

These are what were stacked up in the last post... I made them in different colors. But can I say, because I've said it before, having nice, fancy, crafty tools really comes in handy sometimes! I was able to utilize Photoshop, SCAL, Epson wide format printer, HP scanner, Cricut Expression and Epic 6 Letterpress system. Yes, I have a few toys... it's a bit of an obsession. (And I can NOT wait to get my hands on Tim's new Vagabond!!) I was really pleased with the outcome, and these were so inexpensive. I only had to pay for the cardstock. If you're interested in my process of how I made the whole thing come together, let me know, and I'll be happy to post a tutorial.

I also made some cute little photobooks to send out to previous clients to notify them their photo galleries had changed online locations. I used some Creative Imaginations mini board books which are just to die for and so super easy to decorate... Enjoy the photos!

(Sorry, I had my portrait lens on my camera and was too lazy to change it! The bokeh is fierce!)

So, that's about it!!! Tomorrow I'm planning on posting about the Sketchbook Project through Brooklyn Art House Co Op. It's been dubbed, "A concert tour, but with sketchbooks." I'll explain more about it tomorrow or just go take a look (and sign up!) at it all! I only have a couple pages done but want to share them with you!

Super stuff! Love you all and thanks to all of my new followers!!!