Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Know, I Know...

It's been a LONG time since I posted, I just haven't felt too bloggy lately. And I don't have time to chat much right now, because I have to get the girls ready for swimming lessons. But, as an update, Emma started school and is having a BLAST. Swimming lessons are CRAZY; it's mostly screaming as opposed to swimming, but Halle is improving A LOT. Well, I've been really busy crafting in my garage; I'm posting some layouts right now, but others are for the Nov/Dec issue of EZine, AND GET THIS.... They're having an open Design Team call, and you all KNOW I'm applying! WooHoo! I'm so excited! So, I'm doing ALL new work for the submission, so I probably won't have much scrappy to post anytime soon, BUT that doesn't mean you can't come around for a good chuckle! Alright, time to sunscreen, swimsuit and GO! Have a great day!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Things...

I have a new favorite blog...

That's right, stuff white people like. And if you say, "Hey, that's Racist," just go take a look at the page. It actually makes fun of the silly things we do. My favorite examples of what White People Like are Coffee, Being Offended, girls with bangs, Outdoor Performance Clothes, Unpaid Internships, Expensive Sandwiches, Asian girls, Asian Fusion food, Farmer's Markets and Religions their parents didn't belong to. My all-time favorite stuff white people like, and this one literally made me fall of my chair laughing, is comparing people to Hitler. Oh yes, it is one that I have definitely been guilty of myself. I mean, you can compare someone to the devil or Antichrist, but with religious affiliations set aside, everyone knows who Hitler was and that he was a very bad bad bad man. Too funny... I'll definitely be buying this book at the next trip to Borders and/or Barnes and Noble.

In other randomness today, I was trying to think of all the strange words that my brain has created and that I have added to my daily, normal vocab. It's apparently been something I've been doing for years. My friend Candace in High School used to make fun of me all the time. Then again, I used to call her, "Candidas," and that derived from me calling her "canned peaches." Unfortunately, I didn't realize Candidas is the bacteria that causes yeast infections.... so I'm sure when I yelled it out across the mall to get her attention, some people turned their heads. I'm guessing "yeast infection" isn't the best pet name to give to one of your best friends? Other words.... "deffie" in place of, "definitely." This is literally one that just popped into my head, probably from over-use of it's predecessor, I just decided to shorten the word. "Sweriously..." "Are you sweriously going to wear that in public?" Now this one I can tell you where I got it from. A while back, there used to be a show called "El Capitan," and one of the characters used to randomly insert the letter "W" into her words while speaking. She thought it was a stand-out trait, turned out it was annoying. But seriously, "Swerious" is in my vocab to stay. There's always the word "Tubbie" that my scrap pal Tracey had to ask me what that was... it's taking a bathtub, for those of you who DON'T know... lol! I'm sure that one came from just taking the word "tub" and then trying to make it sound cutesie for my kids. "Don't you want to take a tubbie-wubbie in the bathy-boo?" No, I really don't talk like that. In fact, I hate people that talk to babies like that. I also have coined the phrase, "Let's G.I. Joe" as in "G-O, Go..." That's one I have no idea where it came from, but it's a "regular" in my vocabulary.

I'm sure I have more, but I wanted to ask, do you make up words or saying that make sense in YOUR head but other people look at you like you're nuts for saying them? Let me know! Have a SUPER HAPPY Thursday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I finished this Layout last night and it has been the one I have been stuck on for over a week now. Again, almost as always, I'm not completely happy with it, but I just started glueing things down to fill up the negative space, just so it would be done and off my desk. What I am MOST proud of on this LO, is that I recycled an old mobile I had hanging from the girls fan in their bedroom. It wasn't something they could reach, but it had tons of mini, circular mirrors on it. I took it down, cleaned it up and stamped the three little mirrors with some Hero Art Stamps and Staz-On inks. Pretty happy with that outcome. Definitely something I will continute to do with the mirrors... especially since these were free and I'm not spending an arm and leg on Heidi Swapp circle mirrors.

This is all I've got for you today! Next week Emma starts school again, and hopefully I'll have some more scrappy/crafty time and will be able to post more. I also look forward to some *Top Secret* crafts I'm working on for Yup, they accepted my first six submissions, and I'm just going to keep on giving them more of my Sara-Good-ness. So, I guess that means you will have to subscribe to their eZine to see what I've been creating, just for them. And I can guarantee it's extra special!

Hope you like the new Layout, and cross my fingers, it won't take me as long to get the next page done! Have a UBER-Great day, because I'm still on cloud nine!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello, Lover...

Can we say, that again? "Helloooooo, Lover...." I took the girlies to my moms today, and she had just recieved my birthday present in the mail. Being the intelligent woman that she is, she didn't stop me from taking it home early. And not only did she get me the actual Cricut Expression and the Design Studio software, I have now in my posession seven cartridges, two in the mail and two different packs of the new inks you can use for drawing !!! I guess I'll have to get a jukebox, (or two) now! I am one spoiled girl, and heck, at least I admit it! I guess my mom figures her Holiday presents will be that much prettier if she buys all of these things for me. LOL.

OK, so I haven't posted anything crafty recently, and I'm sorry... you all just have to deal with my more-than-random rigamarole. But this page I'm working on is totally killing me, AND I'm dead set on finishing it tonight. I don't care if I just glue some random stuff down, it's time for this layout to be finished!!! I also have TONS of brainstorming and crazy ideas about other projects going on up in my head, so my creative focus is not quite, "in focus," right now.

Have a great weekend, my part peoples! If you're visiting, comment and tell me who you are! I would love to see some of your crafty work as well! Plus, IF you see this blog and DON'T comment, you are stealing a peice of my soul....

Just kidding! Let's chat soon!