Friday, April 22, 2011

The Traveling Art Journal - PageTwo -

Hello!!! Here's my final spread for the Traveling Art Journal! The lyrics are from a song by Jack's Mannequin called, "Dark Blue." It's one of my favorite songs from back in my college days. I had fun with this one... lots of paint, gesso and layers of doodle-goodness. It's amazing to me that you can start out with totally blank pages and end up with something fun and messy like this. I started out with a two thick layers of gesso, then I mixed some blue and black acrylic paints together to get a mucky blue color. Then I did what I LOVE to do with art journaling... I finger painted. I love getting messy and feeling like a total kid when it comes to this stuff. One thing I've had to come to terms with this medium is that there are no mistakes. There is nothing a litte gesso or an extra layer of paint or a collage peice can't fix. And every little page is it's own masterpeice. Anyways after the acrylic layer I did little drips and splats of black watercolor paint, which unfortunately didn't have the vibrancy I wanted. So, I watered down some black acrylic paint and that managed to work like a charm. After that I did all of the circles in white and traced them. Then I did some stamping with the Tim Holtz Fabulous flourish stamp and some darker blue watercolor here and there around the page. Well, after that, in a nutshell, I did the wording, added the piano, some rub-ons, distress stickles and some little doodles, then called it a day.

We also had to complete an artist card to add into the journal. Here's mine:

Next the journal is off to the AMAZING Liz Caldwell. When I say "AMAZING," I mean it. Like She-Designs-For-Target-AMAZING. And we also have a mutual obsession for the Delicious Mr. Darcy from A&E's "Pride and Prejudice." Oh, and did I mention Liz is just about one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet? Yes, she is... PROMISE. I hope I get to see her on my trip to NYC in 2012.

Check ya later, DUDES! (hopefully sooner than later!)