Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Happening!

My whole entire house should be under quarantine.  Last week both of the girls had pink eye and one of them had an ear infection.  Over the weekend the husband and I both had pink eye as well.  Sunday something awful hit me and I was in bed all day as well as Monday.  Tuesday my ear started throbbing to the point where I was a small ball curled up under the covers of my bed.  Thankfully yesterday I got some antibiotics and am feeling a ton better today.  My ear still seems it's filled with fluid but it's no longer throbbing, so that's positive. 

On  a happier note, I leave for Ranger U next week!!!  WooHoooooo!  I'm headed to NYC for a day and will be staying with my Craft Test Dummies pal, Haley aka The Zen of Making.  I'm going to crash with her for a night, take a quick look around the city of some of my favorite sites from the past and then head up to New Jersey for Ranger U that starts Friday.   

I can't be more excited to stopping in NYC for the day.  My father grew up in the Bronx and then went to college Upstate, so every year growing up we would always go to the city for the Fourth of July and then Upstate to see family members.  NYC is the most magical place to me.  It's hard to explain if you haven't been there.  There really is a buzz and special energy about it.  I was very fortunate to have parents that spoiled me wrotten and let me go to countless Brodway shows and found my love for Theater there.  The first thing I would do when I got off the plane was buy a copy of, "Time Out: New York," and when I got home after our trip I would direct and choreograph full musicals and write all of my notes and blocking in the pages of, "Time Out."  I was a TOTAL theater nerd, let's not get that twisted.  I used to tell my parents when I grew up I was going to be world famous choir teacher.

  I also discovered my love for make-up and Sephora stores; there were three large Sephora stores in the city and my parents would let me hit up each and every one of them.  Shu Uemura foundation and eyelash curlers, Cargo double-sided lipglosses, Philosophy real horse hair brushes and Jean Paul Gaultier perfume... ahhhh, the good old days.  Now I'm resigned splurging on Bare Minerals and use regular old Cover Girl mascara.    

My Father and I were supposed to go back to NYC together about four years ago when he passed away unexpectedly.  No one in my family has wanted to go back with me fearing it would be too emotional for them.  Matt, the husband, doesn't want to go because he hates large crowds likening them to cattle.  Going b myself is probably not the best idea.  That's why I'm so EXTRA excited to have the opportunity to go to Ranger U and make a stop in the city for the day.  Not to mention having a good friend like Haley that can make sure I don't get lost. 

Well, that's about it for now crafters!  I'm going to try to update the blog a couple more times before I leave, but will be on silent while I'm at Ranger U.  Make sure to subscribe to my twitter feed though, @SaraJaneCrafts,  because I will be updating from the road over there and sharing some photos from Ranger U!

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Rachael Schepemaker said...

Great post Sara...makes me miss your dad too :)

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