Thursday, May 2, 2013

New York City: Prequel to Ranger U

Greetings Bloggers!!!  I am back from Ranger U and still trying to get my game face back on!  It was a busy week packed with so many techniques and even more fun and amazing people!  The first leg of my trip as I mentioned before was spent in the Brooklyn with my good Craft Test Dummies buddy, Haley from The Zen of Making.  I had texted Haley a quick and fairly simple list of all the sights I wanted to hit during my short time there.  I admit most of things involved food; Bagels and cream cheese, pizza and black and white cookies.  I arrived Wednesday in the late afternoon and as I got off the subway at Penn Station I promptly fell UP the stairs of the subway station.  Given, I was carrying a pretty heavy suitcase and I made it all the way to the last step before I biffed it on the top landing.  Oh well...

Haley met me at the station and we went back to her super cute apartment in Brooklyn.  We then promptly went out for pizza and a pitcher of Blue Moon in the city which was absolutely amazing and yummy.  We walked around Time Square and I got my middle-of-the-city fix and was able to see all of the rush and bustle of the city that I had missed so much.  At that point I was pretty tired and we went back to her place for a full night of sleep.  In the morning we stopped for scrumptious bagels and cream cheese then walked around Canal Street and some other fun little shops.  I was able to pick up some fun trinkets for my kiddo's before going on my way up to New Jersey to prepare for Ranger U!

Tomorrow I will be doing a little bloggy-blog about the FABULOUS May Flaum's eBook "Fashionably Fast."  And don't you all worry... there will be MUCH more Ranger U goodness coming your way VERY soon!!!

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