Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There's An Elephant in the Room...

Yes, and it's a big one. Can you guess what the elephant's name is? It's called "Sara's a Bad Blogger." Go ahead... throw a tomato at it. The elephant deserves it. (Sorry, I just couldn't help the photo.) Just don't hurt the elephant.

I feel as a "craft" blogger I must present you all with something that is said crafty each time I post. I realize now, that I'm crazy for thinking this so I'm going to try... REALLY hard... to be a better blogger. It has been pretty crazy around here, though. Soon after the last blog Halle had to go to the hospital for a lovely three day stay... Let me tell you, hospital food has not improved much over the years. But all is well with her now. She was running a low Spo2 (oxygen level in the blood) and needed breathing treatments for a couple days to get her back up there to where she needed to be. We took a family camping trip to the lake with the jet skis and the water was WAY too cold but the girls didn't care. I have problems with "lake water" in the first place, and if you already know how I feel about the cold... forget about it. After that we took a family trip Las Vegas which was great fun until I woke up our last day with a massive headache and throwing my guts up. And no, it wasn't a hangover or anything like that. (Oddly, too the same time Brett Michaels went into the hospital w/his hemorrhage) Anywho, I laid curled up on the floor of the hotel room for a couple hours debating whether or not to go to the hospital. Having an aneurysm, they (the doctors) tell you if you wake up with a bad headache and puking, get to the hospital. It literally felt like someone took a cinder block and bashed it up the backside of my brain. I couldn't even think straight. So we went. I was fine. "Lightning Migraine" they said. I would take a bolt of lightning over that experience any day. And one more thing... Las Vegas + Hospital = NOT A GOOD TIME.

The above photo was one happy thing that happened in Vegas. Emma met a little girl from Germany at the Superdome at Circus Circus. They hadn't the slightest idea what one was saying to the other but they were just the best of friends. They held hands, sat next to eachother on all the rides. Emma would help fasten her safety belt... Too cute.
(Just a photo, not a link, sorry)

In other exciting news on May 22, that's right... THIS SATURDAY... yours truly will be a featured photographer over at Becky Higgin's blog for her "Big Photography Giveaway" sweepstakes. One lucky family/couple/duck/cow that comments on my section will get a FREE photo session with me. And if I'm feeling in good a mood I might just have a drawing here at the blog for a second opportunity for someone to win. We'll see...

And in OTHER Pee-in-my-Pants-It's-Time-to-do-the-Happy-Dance NEWS I'm taking a class with the AMAZINGLY phenomenal Tim Holtz at the end of the month at Frenzy Stamper. All day peoples... ALL DAY. Ok, 10am-5pm, but that's still a long time. We'll be altering a curio cabinet that I imagine we will also be filling little niches with bits of vintage craftiness and magical goodness. And do you want to know what else is awesome? I was told only to bring ONE thing as a supply... an apron. That's it... no scissors, no adhesive, no ruler... just my little self in an apron and maybe some scoobie snacks if I want them. I am so excited. My voice was shaking when I talked to Debbie (owner at 'Frenzy') to see if she still had openings. I've taken two classes with Tim before and they're always fantastic. I'm also SUPER excited because I'm meeting Mario, too, this time. Mario is Tim's wingman and helps put kits and such together. Mario and I have been chit-chatting over twitter the past few months and he always brings a smile to my face!

Alright, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll be back and posting pictures of my pennants for the All Things Tim swap (my first!) And don't forget to check back on Saturday and take a peek at Becky's Blog!

Have a Great Day!


Diana Joy said...

Best make that apron for Tim's altering class a water proof one! Oh have fun and so so jealous.

Kathy2eggs said...

You just crack me up...glad you met Mario...he's a dear!

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