Monday, May 24, 2010

Sewing 101

I have to admit, ever since I was a young girl I wanted to grow up and become a mom. I felt that motherhood also entailed this certain sense of self-sustainability. I wanted to be able to cut my children's hair, be a master-chef & baker and be able to sew their clothing. Well, heaven's to betsy, what was I thinking? I think I've actually become a decent cook at this point in time, and enjoy expanding my talent. I love baking bread, making soup from scratch and I really pride myself on my Thanksgiving dinner. I've done it four years in a row now and it gets better each year. My stuffing or "dressing," for the old-timers, was fantastic AND vegan (for my mother-in-law). And no one is able to help me with Thanksgiving, if anything you can bring a salad or appetizer, but that's it. It is literally a 48+ hour-long marathon of cooking and prepping. And it's over in an hour. I'm starting to think I'm crazy! OK, ENOUGH about cooking....

So, anywho I totally chopped off the girls hair about a month ago, too, for the first time, by myself. Emma's was the most drastic, as her hair was almost to the bottom of her back, but it was such a pain to brush. I feel like she aged four years just from that little hair cut. Halle's wasn't very long at all, but her hair is extremely fine and will knot up in literally seconds!

So since I had cooking and hair-cutting down, I felt like it was time to try sewing. I went to JoAnns and picked some "easy" patterns out for little girls sun dresses. They practically spelled it on the package, "If you can't sew this pattern you must be blind and have a bear-paws instead of hands." Yeah... It took me three days to make the first dress. I'm kind of too embarrassed to post it. I made a second dress for Halle, which only took me a couple hours. I got kind of bitten by the sewing bug, though, I'll admit! Patterns and fabric are almost as fun picking out as scrapbooking supplies! I also think I just need to practice sewing in a straight line... and maybe a new sewing machine. My mom gave me her old one from the early eighties... I think I probably wasted about 12 hours of the first dress on just dealing with the bottom bobbin!!! A sewing class probably wouldn't hurt either!!!

Well, that's enough for now! I have to go finish off dinner! I plan on posting tomorrow, I just have to go to Halle's little end of the year recital which I will be sure the share pictures on!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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