Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Quiet...

Betcha didn't think I was ACTUALLY going to post today, eh? Well, it's about 10pm and I am enjoying the peace. Girls are asleep... Matt and I are listening to music and playing dominos. We're kind of old souls; we like to play card games and such. So let's just say I'm going to make it quick!

I've been a member of the "All Things Tim" (aka Tim Holtz... see previous post) Yahoo group for quite some time but always been a "lurker." A lurker is someone who watches the discussion boards and doesn't frequently contribute to the main conversations. Kind of like the dorky kid in high school that managed to hang out with the cool kids and watched all of their popular high-jinks but never participated in them themselves. Well, I finally signed up for my very first All Things Tim swap with the other members of the group. We all created nine 6x11 triangle pennants to swap and I made one extra for Gloria, the group leader. I had SO much fun creating these. I took advantage of my newly purchased SCAL (Sure cuts alot) software to create my own scallop triangles. I used a LOT of foam mounting tape. I also used Tim's idea-ology line, distress inks and grungeboard. All of the backgrounds were collaged with sheet music, vintage paper and a shopping bag from the "Frenzy Stamper" store. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! Enjoy the following picture splurge!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sara....don't know why you've only been lurking, and sure am glad you've emerged into the light! Your pennants are just wonderful, and I hope I'm lucky enough to receive one.I really do love them all.

Kathy Eddy said...

Wow, these are simply amazing! Oh, how I wish I would have had time to play in this swap! Awesome job on these Sara.

Dorothy said...

These are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love every one of these pennants!

Sandi M said...

Gorgeous. I especially like the one you made for Goria - very clever :)

MarleneMAZ said...

Wow! these are absolutely gorgeous !
Saw your post on the ATT board and came over to look at them then recognised you from Becky's blog.
I am in Phoenix too but not as famous as you, lol !

Anonymous said...

these are fabulous!! Each one such a work of art and with an enormous amount of detail.If this is what lurking teaches I am hoping more people will come out of lurkdom

Shirley said...

Great job on these Sara!! I love them.

inge said...

Hello Sara,

Eileen is right : why have you been a lurker ?

Your pennants are all very, very nice : I like all the details and dimension you've put on them. You have done a lot of work on them and you can see this.
Your compositions/ collage is pleasing for the eye.

These pennants are works of creativity and handwork !
I'm not in the swap ( limited time), but I would have loved to get one of these in my artroom !

greetings from Belgium

Kathy2eggs said...

I just adore your pennant that you made...all of them are gorgeous, and I love mine!!! Awesome girl, and you must stop lurking...Gloria's is fabulous!

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