Monday, April 5, 2010

Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

OK, before I get to the title of the post, I just wanted to show you what I made with those delicious sheets of felt. Aren't they fun??? And SOOO super easy. Make sure to check out Lolly's website for the tutorial. The only thing I did differently was I used hot glue. Just be careful, because hot glue, is well.... HOT. I did a major number on my thumb. I forget which company, but someone out there is coming out with heat resistant craft gloves. I think I'll be picking them up!

Well, have you ever heard the term, "Let your Freak Flag fly?" I don't remember exactly where I heard it from the first time, but it's always stuck with me. I took this self portrait a while back and have been meaning to scrap it. I finally did and whenever I do a layout about myself I kind of just let go of perfection. I wanted to use a bunch of different products I liked and just go for it. So I did. I love windmills (ok another obsession of mine), lollipops and rainbows, pinwheels and frogs. So they all made it into the layout. I also used bubble wrap to stamp the background, but it's kind of hard to tell now. There was also a ton of rubons and doodling going on here. I knew I wanted to do journaling, but by the time I got the "guts" of the layout down, I could figure out where to put it. Then it popped into my head. I'd make a flag that unfolded revealing all of my weird little eccentricities.

"I like the smell of paper from dusty, old books to freshly wrapped presents on Chrstmas morning. I can never truly pick a favorite color. I will stick my finger up my nose just to make you smile. I'm allergic to the cold. When I squish a bug my brain tingles, same as when I eat a big piece of cheese. I individually apply ketchup in perfect rows to line each of my french fries with. I dance relentlessly to ABBA when no one is looking. I generate electricity when around lots of things that are plugged in (And no, I don't drag me feet). I'm deathly afraid of water. I like to wear feathers and bows in my hair but not at the same time. I don't mix meats when eating."

So, yes I let my freak flag fly... because I AM a total wierdo. And that's ok. So are you STRANGE? Have a crazy side? Let me know! Share! Let us freaky birds flock together! And enjoy some close-ups of the rest of my layout! Have a great day peoples!!!


Anonymous said...

very cool! I like your frog and pinwheel! I am going to find out how to make those flowers!

Scrapashopaholic said...

I love your freak...keep it only scare me a little...which is a good thing! This LO is great in all of its funness...I love unique...just like you! Can't wait to read all your other weird and not so weird posts...if you have any!

Amanda Lynn said...

Amanda likes! You're so creative!

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