Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things Not to Do With Your Vagabond: Part Two

When I first got my Vagabond I instantly started to play with it and consequently ruined an elegant flourish die.  Well today I'm back at breaking things and thought I would share my experience with you all.

Spring Carnival Basket that Assisted in Die Demise

I have quite a few die-cutting machines and have collected a fair amount of the bases and acrylic "sandwich" plates you use.  I was in a hurry making and decorating a Spring Carnival basket for my daughter Emma's second grade class auction when I decided to use Tim Holtz' paper rosette die.  Like I said I was in a rush and just grabbed a bunch of platforms and sandwich plates off of my shelves.  I quickly found something that I thought would kinda work, but it was slightly too big.  I removed the top sandwich plate and ran it through... and voila!  I cut a FABULOUS paper rosette but my die had seperated from it's platic base and was completely curved like a banana!

So, moral of the story: Don't run a thinlet die through your Vagabond without a sandwich plate on top of it.  I'm not going to throw this die out quite yet though.  The foam/die side is still straight and I could probably just put that on the other side of a die I already have that's the same size, like my snowflake rosette die.

Have you made a boo-boo craft fail like this?  If so, please share! Mostly so I don't feel so badly about myself.

**Update : A friendly update from twitter friend and Ranger Certified Educator, May Flaum said that I should NOT put my rosette die on the other side of an existing die due to the fact it will make my thicknesses all wonky again.  Good to know!  Thanks May!  **

***Update Two: I originally had posted do not run a thinlet die through  your Vagabond "with" a sandwich plate on top.  Ummm... Silly Sara, that was supposed to be WITHOUT.  Sorry guys.  I promptly hit myself in the head really hard when I caught this***
Tim Holtz Products Still Make Me Smile


Barbara said...

Hi Sara,
You're not alone. I forgot to remove the thin die adapter and squished one of my Sizzlits. Fortunately, it still works!!


Kaz said...

Lol, don't worry your not on your own, I just blew up heat gun, not sure if I sprayed my mister into the back of it while it was on!! Not the best idea to mix water with electric but I lived to tell the take!

Kaz said...

Tale not take doh! ( predictive text!)

Candida said...

Great Ideas. I will love to see you on Facebook.

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