Friday, March 5, 2010

What the Frack???

OK, this is just TOO funny!!! Bacon Flavored Vodka? Who thinks of these things? I guess if you like to drink in the morning, Bacon flavored vodka is the way to go. I cannot even imagine what this stuff tastes like; and quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to! What would one even mix this with to make it taste good? Blech... Have any of you tried this Bakon vodka? What do you think? WOULD you try baKon vodka??? What if I paid you??? LOL!!!

Here is the finished peice I posted on a while back. This is my first attempt at anything Wendy Vecchi style. I just love her work! She kind of puts a girly spin on all things Tim Holtz. Not to mention she has her own line of AMAZING rubber stamps!

This is also my first grungepaper rose/flower experience... lol. I LOVE grungepaper! It is so much fun to play with!!!! It takes color fabulously and also embosses beautifully. The vines are also grungepaper, cut with my Cricut, as well as the butterfly. I did some stickles on the butterfly as, well, to give it a little shine. Gotta love stickles.

OK, that's it! Working on an art journal page right now; can't wait to finish and show you! Make your day fantastic and creative!!!


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