Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miss You, Dad

Well, yesterday was a rough one for me. Actually, the last two weeks have been rough... Yesterday day was the second anniversary of my father's death. It's wierd to say that... Anniversaries are usually celebratory, but not this time.

I don't think anyone could say one negative thing about my dad. He was litterally the nicest person I knew. He never raised his voice to me or got out of control. **See, here go the tears... hoping to avoid this by posting a day late** He was really just a nice guy from the Bronx. I know that he positively impacted so many other peoples lives by his simple actions and deeds. He truly cared about his family, friends and colleagues in the military.

Ok... that's all I can do without losing it totally... one thing I did want to say about scrapbooking, is that it's so cathartic. I used to pound the keys of my piano, but now I find solace in the comfort of my scrapbook pages and supplies. Being able to write out my thoughts and feelings on a page always seems to make me feel a little better. How about you? Does scrapbooking calm you? What do you do to relax or put things into perspective?


Sandi M said...

It was just the 5 year death anniv. for my Dad. I wish I could say it gets easier, but it doesn't...only different. I remember when my Dad died it was very close to the date of the month his Dad had died. My aunt got very upset about missing their Dad and my thought at the time was but that was 20 years ago! I get it now. The missing never goes away. Luckily, we also flourish because of who they were and what they've instilled in us. It's the part of them that is still here, in those of us they've left. Laugh, cry, remember and then live your life fully and thrive. It's exactly what Dads would wish for us.

You only live once said...

sara im so sorry about your father from what you have bloged he seems like he was a wonderful father and i just want you to know that your a great person (from what i know) and your such a talented artist im sure that hes looking down on you from heaven and is so proud of you what you made is a beautiful way to get your feelings out its beautiful and touches my heart once again your such an inspiration keep scrapping and i hope you keep scrapping beautiful loving los like this about your father i wish you the best and hope you have a happy day today once again i am so sry for your loss your friend from

Krysten aka Scrapin Fairy

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