Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something's Coming...

So, yesterday I discovered Lolly and man, can I say that is one amazing chick! She does some uber-awesome crafty stuff. SO, I saw a super cool tutorial on some rolled flowers that I just had to try. So, I hauled my little cookies off to JoAnn's late last night and picked up the above deliciousness. Gotta love felt. It's cheap, it's soft, and pretty. I have a feeling me and this felt are going to do some really fun stuff this weekend.
Speaking of which... Spouses. *sigh* I think my husband is using some sort of domino-mind-subterfuge on me. (p.s. I love the word, "subterfuge," it's so much fun to say.) He had been hanging out with friends more often lately, and I expressed that I missed spending time with him at night once the girls went down. So this past week he's stayed home every night and we've played dominos. Yes, dominos... every ... single... night. He's been very determined to beat me, but unfortanetly for him, my skills see to have surpassed his. Anyways, I think he might be using said "subterfuge" to bore me with him and Domino's altogether, so I will be begging him to leave and go hang out with his friends. And do you know what? It's totally working. Shhhhh... don't let him know. I desperately want him to go out so I can lock myself in my craft room tonight and stay up into the wee hours making an abundant amount of felt flowers.

On to other things, because I feel chatty today... Can I tell you about the yumminess that is Brianna's Salad Dressing??? Serious yumminess. My favorite is the Dijon Honey Mustard. It makes me want to lick the bowl then have another salad. I ate one of these said salads today for lunch today. Leftover grilled chicken breast, some croutons and romaine lettuce... almost perfection. Perfection would be if I had a nice, ripe avacado, but alas, all is still well. For your own good, please go out and try some of Brianna's dressing. You won't regret it!
Alright, that's enough torture for today. I've been making crafty things, but I can't show you... yet. It's for a super-top-secret project. Ok... it's an "All Things Tim" swap and I can't share because I want mine to be a surprise for the other swap ladies. Will post when it's all finished, though! Have a great weekend

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