Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Photo: Buffy the Dog

Greetings! It's later in the evening now, but this is some of the only quiet time I get! I just thought I'd pop-in for a quick random-photo that I took the other week. I was messing around with my camera in P-Mode (for you DSLR users) and got this shot of our dog, Buffy, licking her chops. Yes, that is "Buffy" as in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." (I'm a total Whedon-nerd-fan... go ahead and laugh.) I had always REALLY wanted a Boxer breed and to name it Buffy, but when we found this dog (who oddly enough was originally named "Angel." hehehehe ) I knew she was going to be my "Buffy." She is our third and hopefully FINAL dog for a while. My mother-in-law spotted the dog day while driving through her neighborhood and was able to track Buffy back to her owners. The family that had her, although they lived in a very nice home, didn't have the time to spend with her and the poor dog kept jumping over the fence. She was the only big dog they had; the mom bread small, miniature dogs, like chihuahas and toy terriers. And poor Buffy-dog really just got neglected for attention.

Buffy looks a bit scary upon first meeting her, but she is the biggest couch potato and her main driving force in life is that you throw the ball for her to catch. Her and my daughter Halle are the best of friends. Halle will be outside playing in the yard and buffy will set the ball in front of her and just sit and patiently wait for Halle to throw it. One thing I love about Buffy is that she has the best smile. Even my family and friends have noticed how much she actually smiles. Buffy has also been through MANY hours of dog-training and let me say, this is the girls best friend for walking and jogging. She looks scary (that's right, don't mess with me) but she keeps any pace and rarely gets in the way. My other two dogs are basically NIGHTMARES compared to her. Buffy is also a phenomenal lake dog. We take trips often in the summer to ride jet skis and camp-out, and Buffy will swim and catch a frisbee for hours. And I'm not joking... HOURS. We have to stop her, because if not, she will keep going and going like an energizer doggy!

Flat out, I love this dog. I was very resistant to the thought of a third one, but sometimes you just get those pets that you know you were meant to have. Buffy is definitely one of them. I am thankful for my furry, white vampire slayer.

Do you have a pet that you love or cherished from your past? Share, share in the comments!

Talk to you all soon and hope you're doin' swell!


Lori said...

I don't know if you could call Boxers pretty, I think "handsome" would qualify, even if it's a female. lol. So, Buffy is a "handsome" dog! I've always had a dog, (or two) they're a lot of work sometimes, but the unconditional love they give is unmatched. Great photo!

Erin Glee said...

Lori called Buffy a Boxer, but I thought she looked like a Pit Bull... sort of scary either way if you don't know what a sweetheart she really is... 'cause she's not liking her chops afer finishing off the Poodle next door, right?
What do I know? We have two Parakeets and a Japanese Bobtail cat(we've had him 16 years)... and two sons we call "The Puppies". But no actual canine in our family.

Krysta said...

This is a great post. I love that you named her Buffy. Random dog name story: Just today I was trying to tell my mom about a place in Denmark who's name was escaping me at the moment. After a minute of pause and thinking and willing the name to come to me I told her I had to get up and google it because it was just ridiculous as it was the ONLY place in Denmark anyone ever heard about. Just then my mom starts to tell me about this dog she saw in the parking lot at Safeway. She was saying how it caught her eye because he looked just like her (huge, weirdly marked) cami "chihuahua" named Gemini Carter. She had never seen a dog that looked anything like hers, so as she starts to tell me this she says "So, I saw this dog in the parking lot down the street and he was big like Gemini Carter and his marking were exactly the same except they were black and orange, isn't that weird? And..." Meanwhile I'm searching the internet and shouted victoriously "Copenhagen!!" and she was like 'What? you KNOW the dog I'm talking about?!? His name is Copenhagen???". Yeah....That's my mother for you...

Anyway, this was a completely random first comment. Sorry about that!

Geeky Doggy said...

I have a person :))

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