Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under Construction: A New Crafty Space

There are so many new things going on around here; One of them is that I am getting a new craft space!  Right now Emma and Halle are sharing a room and they are getting to the age where they need their own space.  My studio used to be our third bedroom. So, the most economical thing for us at this point was to add on a small room in the backyard where we have a large patio.  The new space will be seperated from the main house.  I'm a little hesitant about the summer's because the girls will be home and I won't be able to hang out in my scrapbook room while they're in the house.  I guess I will be forcing them to play in the sprinklers a lot!  I also love the setup of my current scrapbook room and it will be a bit of a challenge to move it all and reorganize it into a new space. But, my gorgeous shelves get to come with me, I will get to pick out some new flooring and paint color!  Maybe even a trendy wallpaper?  Here's the concrete pad right after they poured it.  I think it's measured at about 12x10; don't mark  my words on that though.  I'll get REAL measurements for y'all shortly.  Framing goes up later this week and I will try and post photos as the project comes along.  Hopefully it will be completely finished within two or three weeks!


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