Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Distressed Loomi Light

Hi Crafters!  Today over at Craft Test Dummies I did a full review of the Loomi Light!  Please head over there to see my first loomi creation and a full run down on the product!

Well, I just couldn't help not making a second loomi right away!  It was so hard for me to choose just one design, that I had to try a second one immediately.  (And a third one will be coming soon, too. I might have a loomi addiction.)  With the first one I made at Craft Test Dummies, I used Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks on transparency to create a stained glass effect.  For this one, I wanted to play with the light effect more while sticking with my beloved Tim products.  For starters, I decided on five shades of distress ink:

And then my favoritist (because that's a word around here) stamp ever made, Tim's Fabulous Flourish. I mean, I use this stamp for everything.  EVERYTHING. I just randomly stamped some on the INSIDE of the piece.

For the OUTSIDE of the pieces, I just inked around all of the edges.

Once all of these were done, (it takes 30 total pieces to assemble the spherical loomi,) I was ready to put it together.  On the CTD website I mention it is critical for you to keep the instructions up all the time on your computer and rely on them.  If it feels like the paper is ripping, you're doing something wrong.  Also, sometimes you have to slide your pieces into place. I have to admit, making the second one was so much
easier than the first one, but still just as exciting as you put each layer and row together.

I love the swirls as the pieces hook together:

SO!  Here's what, "lights on," loomi looks like!  Kinda beach-y!

And now for the WOW.  This is, "lights off loomi."

You can see that by putting the flourish stamp on the inside, when the light's on inside the loomi the image comes through, while it's like a pretty little secret when the light is off and all you can see is the inked edges.  It's hard to believe these photos came straight from my camera. No photoshop at all. And I shot them in auto-no flash mode. I didn't even have to mess with the exposure. Simply stunning!

So what do you think, crafters? Maybe even some non-crafters? Would you make a loomi?  What comes to mind when you look at it? What would you do?


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I am so making this!

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