Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello, Lover...

Can we say, that again? "Helloooooo, Lover...." I took the girlies to my moms today, and she had just recieved my birthday present in the mail. Being the intelligent woman that she is, she didn't stop me from taking it home early. And not only did she get me the actual Cricut Expression and the Design Studio software, I have now in my posession seven cartridges, two in the mail and two different packs of the new inks you can use for drawing !!! I guess I'll have to get a jukebox, (or two) now! I am one spoiled girl, and heck, at least I admit it! I guess my mom figures her Holiday presents will be that much prettier if she buys all of these things for me. LOL.

OK, so I haven't posted anything crafty recently, and I'm sorry... you all just have to deal with my more-than-random rigamarole. But this page I'm working on is totally killing me, AND I'm dead set on finishing it tonight. I don't care if I just glue some random stuff down, it's time for this layout to be finished!!! I also have TONS of brainstorming and crazy ideas about other projects going on up in my head, so my creative focus is not quite, "in focus," right now.

Have a great weekend, my part peoples! If you're visiting, comment and tell me who you are! I would love to see some of your crafty work as well! Plus, IF you see this blog and DON'T comment, you are stealing a peice of my soul....

Just kidding! Let's chat soon!



Saige/Grace said...

You are going to LOVE IT!! Happy Birthday! Hey -- let me know if you have any questions about CE when you get it. Always happy to help.

Gracie at

Tracey Locher said...

You are killing me again! The new Cricut... you are ONE SPOILED SCRAPPER!!! LOL!!

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